Have You Located This Super Power From God In Yourself?

God planted this super power in us so that, even on our worst days, we’d be reminded that God intended for us to live free of oppression. Have you located this super power in you? Unlocking it takes us from surviving to thriving.

Have You Located This Super Power From God In Yourself?
Via Wikimedia Commons

The anti-Black society we live in wants us to live in constant fear, to be too afraid to protest, revolt, or imagine a world rooted in Black liberation.

We need to remember that white supremacy is a “culture” that white people invented and NOT something God ordained.

In her book Emergent Strategy, adrienne maree brown writes: “When I fear the universe, I fear myself. When I love and am in awe of the universe, I love and am in awe of myself. Imagine then, the power when I align with the universe.”

God created us intentionally and with love.

Instead of focusing on white supremacy’s harm, focus on how God clearly intended for us to not only survive but thrive. We must use love to heal ourselves and our generational trauma.

The love that exists in our very DNA is what continues to align us with God, the universe, and our liberation.

brown shares, “What you pay attention to grows.” How do you make room for “love” in your life?

This could be self-love, community or romantic love, or love of the world around you.

The super power is already within us. We must intentionally root ourselves in love.

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