Have You Ever Received A Message From Spirit In Your Dreams?

Have you ever received a message from Spirit in your dreams? Sometimes these dreams feel fuzzy but at other times they stick in our hearts and minds. The message this leader received was crystal clear: revolution.

Have You Ever Received A Message From Spirit In Your Dreams?
Via Wikimedia Commons

Colonizers brought war and Catholicism to Kongo. The spiritualist Kimpa Vita feared for her people. Unsure what to do, she surrendered to Spirit. 

Kimpa began receiving vivid dreams from the Spirit realm. 

Each slumber was so deep it was as if she died every Friday and resurrected after a weekend of communing with Spirit. In her dreams Kimpa learned Jesus was born in Kongo to Mary, who’d been enslaved. 

She also learned she was the reincarnation of Saint Anthony, tasked with spreading the word that Jesus, Mary, and the saints were all Bakongo. 

Kimpa spread Saint Anthony’s message, inspiring thousands to follow her. She preached Congolese Catholicism as the true faith,  and the truth that God had always been their God. 

She revolutionized her people. Even after the colonizers killed her, her legacy lived on. 

Kimpa inspired Congolese revolutionaries like Simon Kimbangu, who believed he’d been sent by Jesus to liberate Black people. 

Some of Kimpa’s followers who carried out her mission were later enslaved, and they  carried her message across the Atlantic, where it fueled the Stono Rebellion.  

Surrendering to Spirit takes sacrifice and devotion, but is never solely for our benefit. How we surrender to our mission from Spirit may very well be what inspires others to surrender to theirs. 

How are we preparing ourselves for surrender?

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