Hagar’s Story Reminds Us That Black Women Are Mothers Of Our Future

Like many Black women, Hagar was mistreated and misunderstood. But God had a special relationship with her. He wanted her to be the mother of an entire nation. Hagar’s story reminds us that sometimes we must give up short-term gratification to learn God’s plan for us.

Hagar’s Story Reminds Us That Black Women Are Mothers Of Our Future
Via Wikimedia Commons

Exhausted, Hagar rested by the desert spring. Water, a sign of God’s favor for her. She’d run away from her enslaver. 

She heard movement behind her. Turning, she saw the angel of the Lord. But he wasn’t there to guide her to freedom. 

Hagar was distraught, the angel’s words ringing in her ears: “Go back to your mistress and submit to her.”

Why would God forsake her? Could God not see her pain? 

The angel soothed Hagar, informing her she was pregnant. Returning would allow Hagar to birth this child who would become an influential man. 

Hagar would continue to have children, creating a powerful bloodline. This was God’s plan. 

Hagar returned. While she didn’t wish to be enslaved, she understood God’s plan was bigger than her. Hagar reflected, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” 

We see Hagar in every Black woman who was able to take her pain and turn it into a battle cry for freedom, knowing God was with her even in suffering. 

Black women continue to be disrespected by anti-Blackness, yet many of our liberation efforts are driven by the power of Black womanhood. 

Let’s celebrate Black women in our lives and thank them for being the mothers of the future, whether they’re birthing children or divine dreams. 

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