God Is Always With Us, Especially When We Gather In Community

You are deserving of a community that loves you deeply. There’s a reason we crave building deep relationships with others. Strong Black community values have always been a part of our spiritual practices. Just look at the Hush Harbor communities.

God Is Always With Us, Especially When We Gather In Community
Via Wikimedia Commons

They ventured deep into the forest until they reached the hidden structure made of tree branches and other brush.

Staying out all night, they danced, sang, shouted, prayed, and listened for instructions from God on how to get free. 

Known as “Hush Harbors,” these secret meetings were where enslaved Africans learned to question the anti-Black teachings enslavers crammed down their throats during church services, and  preserve traditional African folklore and spiritual practices. 

Hush Harbor was THEIR church, and where they learned that God was their God. 

It was within Hush Harbor that spiritual leaders like Nat Turner turned dreams of freedom into actionable revolutions.

Long before Civil Rights, long-term protest efforts were happening in Hush Harbors. Preachers and spiritual leaders were the original activists. Their legacy was that we as Black people continue to value and center community within our faith and liberation efforts.

Historic Black church culture especially pays homage to Hush Harbors. If Black churches are seen as foundational for much of our culture, Hush Harbors were the blueprint. 

Long-term protest efforts require community, and radical faith. It is imperative that we create spaces just for us where we can gather, plan, and remember who, why, and what  we’re fighting for. 

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