Four Sweet Spiritual Reminders Sweet Potatoes Give Us

Much like sweet potatoes, you are grounded. You are abundant. You are loved. You are protected by the ancestors. Here’s how these magical plants offer beautiful reminders of our divinity.

Four Sweet Spiritual Reminders Sweet Potatoes Give Us
Via Wikimedia Commons

Sweet potatoes are an abundant plant full of nourishment. Many consider their magical nutrients divine. Here are four rich spiritual reminders they give us. 

You Are Grounded

Sweet potatoes have deep roots, making them a powerful symbol of grounding and stability. They remind us that we are deeply rooted, and no matter where we are and where we come from, we can imagine new realities for ourselves whenever we decide to replant ourselves. 

You Are Abundant 

There are over one hundred ways to use a sweet potato, as George Washington Carver found. Their versatility is a reminder of your abundance.  

You Are Loved 

We gather around loving tables with sweet potatoes in the center, a reminder of the nourishment that community brings. We are connected. “We are each other’s harvest.”

You Are Protected 

Our love for sweet potatoes is deeply ancestral. The tuber is a cousin to the yam, a native West African vegetable considered the ‘King of Crops.’ The Igbo use them as offerings for ancestors. Sweet potatoes remind us of the ancestral protection that constantly surrounds us. 

If you are what you eat, let sweet potatoes remind you that you’ve always been divine, loved, and protected.

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