Everything, Even Our Fight Against Anti-Blackness, Is Part Of God’s Plan

Sometimes it can feel like the wrong things thrive while those good things we try hard to make happen struggle. The same is true for our liberation. God is championing us, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be times when our faith is tested. And here we can look to our ancestors for guidance.

Everything, Even Our Fight Against Anti-Blackness, Is Part Of God’s Plan
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Founder of Black Liberation Theology James Cone believes God is the God of the oppressed. Because we live in an anti-Black society God is inherently the God of Black people. 

Cone writes, “The God of the oppressed takes sides with the black community. God is not color-blind in the black-white struggle, but has made an unqualified identification with blacks. This means that the movement for black liberation is the very work of God, effecting God's will among men.” 

God champions Black liberation efforts. Part of Black liberation is our daring to dream big, reimagine futures rooted in dismantling anti-Blackness, and having faith in futures we’re designing.

Our enslaved African ancestors had no idea where foreign ships were taking them, yet they proactively braided seeds in their hair to ensure sustenance. Runaways prayed they were going North, but even unsure, kept running. Freedom Riders knew danger was ahead, but kept boarding segregated busing.

Regardless of the struggles they faced, they had faith in our survival and took steps to ensure a more liberated future. 

Our ancestors taught us how to keep the hope for our futures alive. Their hope lives in our faith. We too must have faith that Black liberated futures are possible. 

While we might face obstacles at times, God won’t abandon us. God wants us to win.

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