Black Mental Health Is Vital To The Future Of Black Liberation

We’ve been going through it. The collective and generational trauma we experience impacts us deeply. Here’s how we can begin to heal.

Black Mental Health Is Vital To The Future Of Black Liberation
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#1 Pause

Stop and take the time to ask yourself what you need. We're conditioned to keep going and ignore the weight on our shoulders. Understanding what we need allows us to communicate better with those around us.  

#2 Ask For Help

There's a stigma ingrained in the Black community that we can't or refuse to ask for help. This puts added stress on us. Asking for help can prevent burnout and build deeper relationships.

#3 Set Boundaries

Saying no gives you control over how much mental energy you're willing to expend. It helps us learn about ourselves and those around us. Sometimes those around us negatively impact our mental health.

#4 Feel It

Our bodies tell us when it's had enough. It can be anything from tight muscles from stress to cramping from dehydration. Take time to sit with yourself and listen to what your body is saying.

#5 Let It Go

Bottling up our trauma, pain, and anxiety causes more harm than good. Internalizing it all can lead to various illnesses, including heart disease. Reimagining mental health is accessible and vital for all of us. It's important to know that there are other ways to do so than the typical systemic ways of tackling these issues.

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