A White Mob Burned His Home - His Family Still Inside

“To the Israelites the glory of the LORD looked like a consuming fire on top of the mountain.” - Exodus 24:17. A white mob watched his home burn — while his family was inside and screaming! Buried within the ashes of this fire is spiritual truth about lynchings.

A White Mob Burned His Home - His Family Still Inside
via Wikimedia Commons

Frazier Baker was Lake City’s first Black postmaster. He had the position 6 months and received death threats and been shot at!

One night a white mob snuck onto Baker’s property. They torched Baker’s home, firing hundreds of bullets into the windows.

Baker was killed shielding his family. His wife told the children to run, but Julia - the baby - started crying.

Baby Julia was dead, a bullet in her tiny chest. Mrs. Baker laid Julia next to her father’s body. Then she ran from the burning house and never looked back.

Many lynching victims were prominent community figures, like Baker, who refused to back down. Family members, like baby Julia, were often collateral.  So what does this mean for our spirits?

Had Julia and her father lived, how would they have impacted the world?  Hatred didn’t just physically lynch thousands of Black people — it eliminated millions of Black futures. Lynching was and is spiritual warfare. It is meant to harm us in every way. How can we fight white supremacy on a spiritual level?

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