5 Black Self-Care Leaders To Follow And Get Inspired By

Having a hard time practicing Self-Care? You’re not the only one. Here are five great individuals to follow, get you inspired, and help you do the work. It’s time to start showing up for yourself.

5 Black Self-Care Leaders To Follow And Get Inspired By
Via Wikimedia Commons

#1: Alex Elle aka @alex

Bestselling author Alex Elle uses her writings to inspire others to explore what healing work they need to do.

She aims to center mindfulness and self-reflection within her community practices and workshops.

#2: Donovan Beck aka @themindofsol

Donovan Beck is a Digital Content Creator who isn’t afraid to get vulnerable. Whether you need a pep talk or reminder you’re worthy of love, Beck’s content is poetry for the soul.

Beck believes art is essential to healing. When’s the last time you got creative?

#3: Cassie Butcher aka @cassiescure

Cassie Butcher broke up with all toxic relationships. Now she’s teaching women across the world how to practice self-care unapologetically while building confidence and community.

Sometimes self-care means walking away from the bad towards abundance.

#4: Lalah Delia aka @lalahdelia

Lalah Delia wants all of us to vibrate higher. Bestselling author, educator, spiritual writer and practitioner, Delia is the founder of Vibrate Higher Daily School.

Her book, “Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power,” encourages us to confidently lean into our intuition and pour into daily healing practices.

#5: Michell Clark aka @michellcclark

Michell Clark uses his platform to post thought provoking affirmations and manifestations.

Follow his page if you’re working on better affirming yourself and your care needs.

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