4 Ways To Create Sacred Space Around Your Home

We all deserve time in spaces that create a sense of peace, respect, and calm in our spirits. And the best part is that these spaces don’t have to be huge or expensive because they can exist in our hearts, too. What do you hold holy?

4 Ways To Create Sacred Space Around Your Home
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Lucretia VanDyke, author of African American Herbalism, believes in finding ritual in setting up our sacred space. 

VanDyke writes,” [I set] up sacred space by lighting candles, saying prayers that involve saying ancestors’ names, cooking meals they would have prepared, and sometimes, just having pictures of them in my kitchen and medicine-making spaces.” 

Candles & Photos: 

Candles are used throughout hoodoo. The color of the candle depends on the intention of your spell or prayer. 

Photos of ancestors are placed around homes or ancestor altars to venerate their spirits. 

Preparing & Sharing Meals: 

Making our ancestors’ favorite food or pouring libations is a way to honor them, the savory smells and sweet bites feeding their energy

Speaking Prayers & Names: 

Like having photos, speaking our ancestors’ names keeps their memory alive

Before praying, welcome your ancestors into your sacred space. Say your prayers aloud to them, informing them you’re ready for transformation.

Throughout life we’ll receive numerous lessons from Spirit encouraging us to become our higher selves. We can prepare by tending to our sacred spaces when we feel this spiritual transformation brewing. 

Our sacred spaces are where we charge our ancestral magic, which is also our own magic. How can you tend to your sacred space to prepare for spiritual transformation? 

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