Your Birthmark Could Be A Divine Message From This West African Deity

Have you ever had a weird dream or nightmare that stayed with you even after you woke up? It could be that this West African deity is trying to send you a very important message, one that is life or death.

Your Birthmark Could Be A Divine Message From This West African Deity
Via Wikimedia Commons

Within the Odinani, or Odinala, Igbo religion there is a revered harvest deity, Ala. Ala plays an important in Igbo culture. The Igbo believe Ala exists in the soil and that all ground is sacred.

She also plays an important role in our life cycles.

Ala decides who will be born. She protects children growing in the womb. Once born, the Igbo bury the child’s umbilical cord to strengthen their connection with Ala.

When death comes, Ala receives them back into her own womb, beginning the process of reincarnation. Her presence throughout life is why some believe she’s “ruler of the underworld.”

Do you have any birthmarks? Often Ala will send you back with the same markings, a reminder you’re being given another chance to live a good life.

The Igbo believe we’re reincarnated eight times. Ala often “reincarnates us with our same family groups but with different roles.”

But there’s a catch.

Ala only reincarnates you if you’ve lived honorably. She sends very specific signs to those acting up.

Ala values morals, called “Omenala”, decide whether our actions are right or wrong.

If someone breaks Omenala, Ala sends them dreams about army ants. If the person ignores this warning and doesn’t right their wrongdoings, Ala sends real army ants after them. And their bites sting.

So the next time you have a dream, think of Ala, who could be guiding you on your life path.  

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