Winter Teaches Us One Of Spirit’s Most Important Lessons

Do you get excited for the winter months? Or is the season one that you would like to see pass quickly? These months hold significance for us spiritually, so lean into your feelings and know however you feel is indeed holy.

Winter Teaches Us One Of Spirit’s Most Important Lessons
Via Wikimedia Commons

Each season teaches us an important lesson. Spring reminds us that new life is possible if we’re brave enough to grow. Summer thrusts us into its sunny spotlight, encouraging us to shine. Fall nudges us to shed what no longer serves us. 

And then there’s Winter. 

Of all the seasons, Winter gets a bad rep for its colder temperatures and limited sunlight. Some people also experience higher levels of depression during Winter. 

But Winter teaches us one of the most important lessons of all. 

Winter is about slowing down and resting. Of all the seasons, Winter embraces time for stillness and reflection. And it’s here that we’re able to make time to talk to God. 

This can be done through prayer, journaling, meditation, or any other way that aligns you with Spirit.

Historically, Winter was also an important season for our enslaved ancestors. Many runaways chose to escape around Christmas to avoid being sold on New Year’s Day

As the chill of Winter approaches us let us remember what this change in weather would have meant for our ancestors: the time for freedom is near.

Let us all hold this truth in our spirits and utilize this Winter to rest, ground, and be with God so come Spring we’re ready for the best kind of seasonal growth: revolution. 

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