Why Rites Of Passage Are Sacred Ceremonies

Who doesn’t love being spoiled? The Akan people remind us that we all deserve to be celebrated lavishly, especially during a rite of passage that brings us closer to the Spirit.

Why Rites Of Passage Are Sacred Ceremonies
Via Wikimedia Commons

Asante goddess of moon and souls, Ngame uses her new moonbow to shoot life into newborn babies. All living things are connected to her and her lunar cycles. 

Ngame is reflected in the grace and power of the Akan Queen Mothers, who share Ngame’s wisdom with girls approaching womanhood. 

A girl’s first menstruation, seen as a sacred cycle, is a rite of passage celebrated with food. The girl is believed to have been blessed by Ngame. 

The menstruating girl is pampered by her community. Seated beneath a large umbrella fit for a queen, she is given gifts, fed delicious food, and doted on hand and foot. 

News of the girl’s menstruation is conveyed to Queen Mothers with the phrase, “She has been made perfect.” Queen Mothers then communicate with the girl’s family about the next rites. 

First menstruation is a rite of passage that many girls experience. Each stage in the life journey is sacred and deserves to be honored. 

What upcoming life stage would you like to celebrate with a rite of passage?

Rites of passage remind us to honor each growth stage along our journey. All stages help us strengthen our relationship with the Spirit. 

We each deserve to be celebrated. What would your dream rite of passage celebration be? 

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