When They Jumped Overboard Into The Ocean, This Spirit Guide Helped Them

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou. Feeling lost and defeated, this Orisha gave up on their purpose. But then a spiritual guide visited them with an important message! Would they choose to listen?

When They Jumped Overboard Into The Ocean, This Spirit Guide Helped Them
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Anger coursed through Olokun, Orisha of All Waters, causing a tsunami. Fearing Earth's destruction, other Orishas chained Olokun to the ocean floor!

Centuries passed, and Olokun felt hopeless and lacked purpose – but then they arrived.

Sinking to the ocean floor, the souls left their bodies to rest peacefully against the sand. They spoke different African languages, but had similar stories.

They’d been kidnapped, enslaved, and forced onto ships bound for enslavement, but had jumped overboard. They requested Olokun help them cross over – but Olokun refused, instead calling Oya, the Orisha who guards the gates to the afterlife.

Upon hearing the souls’ request, Oya said, “Olokun, clearly centuries spent in dark waters have left you unable to see that your purpose stands before you – but you must choose to reach for it!”

Olokun accepted their role as Orisha of Deep Ocean Waters, helping enslaved Africans who didn’t survive the Middle Passage cross over. Divers who explore shipwrecks from some of these voyages claim to still feel the energy of these souls – meaning Olokun is still at work.

Throughout life we seek “purpose,” but it’s easy to lose faith if we can’t identify what ours is. Remember, your experiences, good and bad, collectively work to guide you.

Like Olokun, when we feel hopeless, alone, or lost, we must examine our current situation and find purpose within it.

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