‘What Would Jesus Do?’ How One Question Can Give You The Guidance You May Need

God wants us to win. God wants YOU to win. If you’re finding yourself feeling stuck about making a decision, just remember that God is rooting for you and you can always turn to God for advice. Ask yourself, what would Jesus do?

‘What Would Jesus Do?’ How One Question Can Give You The Guidance You May Need
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Sometimes asking “What would Jesus do?” is a shady way of passing judgment over others’ actions. Under colonization, religion was used as a weapon against us, a way to center anti-Black morals tied to capitalistic gain. 

A primary example of this was slavery. 

Enslavers forced their own brand of Christianity upon our ancestors, quoting the bible to justify slavery. But soon a different truth presented for our ancestors. 

The bible was full of stories painting God as a champion of the oppressed. Ancestors interpreted their enslavement as temporary because they believed God would liberate them.

This understanding shaped our ancestors’ morals. Enslavers pushed the narrative that rebelling was immoral, but our ancestors didn’t see it that way. 

Their new understanding of God shifted their views on revolution, specifically morality found within revolution. Rebelling, big or small, became an act of God.

Through our ancestors' viewpoint we can also see the question “What would Jesus do?’ through a new lens: the lens of rebellion.

Through this lens WWJD becomes the question, “Are my efforts towards liberation in alignment with God’s desire for us to be free from oppression?” 

WWJD is a valid question when posed through a Black liberationist lens. When we find ourselves asking WWJD, let’s remember that in many ways our ancestors already left us the answers we need. 

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