We Were Made In God’s Image And Should Never Believe Otherwise

We were created in His image in every way, including our Blackness. Here’s what the bible says about God’s inherent love for us and his desire for us to flourish.

We Were Made In God’s Image And Should Never Believe Otherwise
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Genesis 1:26–27 states God created all humans in his image, so why should we believe otherwise? Anti-Blackness has worked for generations to convince us that we’re anything but godlike.

Oppressors used the Bible to justify the myth of their superiority and the enslavement of our people. And today, anti-Black Christians continue opposing our lives and liberation using Christ’s word as justification. But we know better.

From the chitlin’ circuit to the ‘ratchetness’ of reality TV, God is of grace, reconciliation, and expansiveness. Even when the world demonizes Blackness, we’ve always been worthy of God’s love.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” No matter how we show up, we’re made in his image, and that’s a gloriously good thing.

In The “Good News”, Allissa V. Richardson explores how the modern-day ‘digital chitlin circuit’ features podcasts like Gospel For The Culture and Red Lip Theology, a podcast and book by theologian Candice Marie Benbow. Benbow encourages our people to see that God “honors our agency through free will,” loves our Blackness, and wants us to flourish.

We can be our whole Black selves at every moment. This liberation journey isn’t easy, but we’ve always been blessed, highly favored, and worthy of living in a world where we are seen as whole.

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