We Have To Understand This About The Bible And White Supremacy

“Europeans not only colonized most of the world, they began to colonize information about the world and its people.” – John Henrik Clarke. That information includes the Bible – and there are quite a few ways we’ve been lied to about its contents because of colonization!

We Have To Understand This About The Bible And White Supremacy
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It’s no secret that white supremacists used the Bible to oppress Black people. They even went so far as to use a special Bible, the Slave Bible, to “teach” enslaved people how to be good Christians! Here are some other ways they’ve tried to trick us using the Bible.

#1: Removing Black women

Black women are not only present in the Bible, but an entire book, “Song of Solomon,” is all about desire and love for a dark-skinned woman! Her beauty and loyalty are the epitome of womanhood and romance.

#2: Justifying Enslavement

In the book of Genesis, Noah’s son Ham is cursed by a drunk Noah to be enslaved to his brothers. God did NOT speak of this curse himself – and there is no evidence that Ham was the father of African nations.

#3: Removing Black rulers

Egypt is one of the most frequently mentioned places in the Bible. While most Egyptian rulers are portrayed as white or light-skinned, archaeologists discovered that Black pharaohs reigned for hundreds of years. The Book of 2 Kings even mentions the Black Pharaoh Taharqa.

Biblical history is Black history. We are a major part of the creation of Christianity and other world religions, and our lives are played out on the pages spiritually and physically.

How will you commit to unlearning the lies white supremacy has taught about religion and spirituality?

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