We Can’t See God, But We Still Believe. That’s Science Fiction!

“Conservative Christians would say that fantasy and science fiction led me astray. I say those stories led me home.” – Will Shetterly. Science fiction might seem out there. But we can’t see God, yet we still believe in God as a higher power. Well, that’s Sci-fi in a nutshell!

We Can’t See God, But We Still Believe. That’s Science Fiction!
Via Wikimedia Commons

Science Fiction is a popular entertainment genre – but is it spiritual, too?

A current Sci-fi trend is the possibility of multiple universes – “the multiverse.” Often these universes are connected, the idea being that whatever happens in one universe will impact other universes.

Like a form of “cosmic fate.”

Even “time” can be considered Sci-fi. “Time” as we know it is constructed by white supremacy and rooted in capitalism. But predating enslavement and colonization, African people had a different relationship with time.

We’re often teased for running “late” or on “Colored People’s Time,” but could C.P. Time be a deeply rooted form of ancestral resistance?

Black Quantum Futurism practitioners believe BOTH the past and future shape our present existence.  Whatever actions we make in the present are because future versions of ourselves are telling us to do so.

If this is true then future versions of ourselves, who are closer to spiritual enlightenment and liberation, are guiding us towards it, too!

While Sci-fi feels out there, much of it is about believing strongly in higher powers that can’t be seen – which is essentially what believing in God is.

How could believing in multiple universes and forms of time expand our spiritual practices? How could having faith in Sci-fi broaden our possibilities for abundance, manifestation, and freedom?

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