Try These Four Tips To Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

You deserve to live surrounded by peace and serenity. The world is hectic enough; home should be the one place you can let it all go, and using these sacred cleanses can help.

Try These Four Tips To Spiritually Cleanse Your Home
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Home is a sacred place and should feel like a sanctuary for us to drop our shoulders, unclench our jaws, and let the world’s weight dissolve from our spirits. Keeping a clean home goes beyond the physical.

According to best-selling author and holistic health coach Queen Afua, cleansing  becomes a part of spiritual discipline, helping maintain divine order. Queen Afua suggests these sacred cleanses to purify our homes. 

The Queen recommends washing your house with a cleanser, then with Florida water for sweetness, and burning frankincense and myrrh incense for purification benefits. 

She also teaches the importance of burning jasmine incense for peaceful mornings and leans on the ancestral belief of using various essential oils in rituals, offerings, and celebrations. Ancient Africans were known for using aromatic oils for perfumes and medicines. 

In Sacred Woman, Queen Afua talks about the time she spent in Ghana, where she watched women sweeping the floors of their homes with the intent to rid their spaces of negative energy. Hoodoo culture believes in the power of brooms to protect and neutralize a space, and Afua recommends keeping one by the door to help sweep out negative energy whenever necessary. 

Try repeating Queen Afua’s affirmation during your next home cleanse: “My home is as pure as it can be. It is clear of all negativity.” You deserve sacred space. 

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