To Reinvent Ourselves Is To Realign With God Again And Again

Throughout our lives we will hit certain plateaus. These moments of stagnancy ask us: do we be brave and reinvent ourselves, or do we remain comfortable and risk missing out on God’s purpose for us?

To Reinvent Ourselves Is To Realign With God Again And Again
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The late, great Cicely Tyson once said, "To soar toward what's possible, you must leave behind what's comfortable."

It takes immense courage to reinvent ourselves. Reinventing ourselves is the moment we choose to take action and turn our dreams and desires into realities. 

Reinventing ourselves can feel isolating. Our community might not understand, or even refuse, to accept the steps we’re making to change. But shrinking ourselves to appease others keeps us from being our most authentic selves. 

How can we be in alignment with God if we aren’t in alignment with ourselves?

Reinvention starts by dreaming about who we want to be, reflecting on who we are now, and identifying habits we need to change to become the next version of ourselves. 

“Becoming” requires deep spiritual work. A good place to start is assessing values and setting new standards and boundaries for the version we’re becoming. 

Then, we must hold ourselves accountable to show up as that person consistently.

We’re constantly witnessing change. Nature teaches us that “change” is the most natural phenomenon.

Think about all the versions of you you’ve been. Each was necessary. Now imagine  who you’re working towards being. What must you do to become that version of yourself? How can you show yourself kindness and grace along the way?

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