Tips And Routines To Help Us ‘Stay Whole’ In Our Bodies

Author and founder of Black Liturgies, Cole Arthur Riley writes, “There are systems in this world that have everything to gain from your disembodiment. Because emptied bodies are easier to use. Stay whole.” Here are tips and routines to help us “stay whole” in our bodies and aligned with Spirit.

Tips And Routines To Help Us ‘Stay Whole’ In Our Bodies
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“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” – Corinthians 6:19-20 This verse is powerful and reminds us that being in our bodies is more than just exercising.  A mindful question to ask is, “What does [my] body need to feel good?”  

Our bodies are highly intuitive. When your body is telling you it needs something, trust it.

Building body trust is easier said than done. We live in an anti-Black society that is constantly waging emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual warfare against us. 

These attacks take a toll on our bodies, especially by triggering our nervous system which is tied to our “fight or flight” instinct, adrenaline, and anxiety. Intentionally giving our bodies what they need helps us to regulate our nervous system as we navigate oppressive systems. 

Developing consistent routines is key for regulating our nervous systems. Some of the best routines for regulation are breathwork, joyful movement, meditation, laughing, singing, massages, hugs, tactile touch, being in nature, cold showers, drinking water, and eating foods that make us feel good, rest, and sleep. 

Our bodies are the protective containers for our spirits. They are temples that function more effectively when we work to make them whole. 

Greet the day. Pray. Meditate and breathe. Stretch. Drink water. Eat breakfast. Review your checklist. Set clear work boundaries. Make time for rest, community, and movement throughout your week. And remember: God created your temple with love.

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