This Powerful Bible Story Reminds Us To Walk In Our Worth

We are all worthy of God’s abundant love. When folks tried to play with these daughters about their father’s inheritance, they didn’t sit and pout. They stood in their God-given worthiness and did what had to be done.

This Powerful Bible Story Reminds Us To Walk In Our Worth
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Mahlah, Noa, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah were sisters who lost their dad Zelophehad in battle. In their culture, a man’s wealth passed to his sons after his death. Their dad was blessed with five daughters, but it was hard for them to get what was owed to them. 

The system tried to convince the daughters they couldn't inherit because they were not their father’s sons. The daughters knew this wasn't right, so they went to Moses and the male elders to demand their inheritance. 

When folks tried to play in their face, the daughters didn't take no for an answer. They knew their rights and stood ten toes down in the truth. Their dignity and power to fight for what they believed brought them freedom and the Zelophehad estate.  

Cole Arthur Riley, author of This Here Flesh, writes, "They didn't sulk around waiting for someone to recognize their worth, they walked in it." Like Zelophehad’s daughters, we must know our worth and walk in it. Our God-given worth has always been deeper than material wealth.  

We are born worthy of God's love and belief in our freedom. Liberation won't be handed to us. We must work to co-create the new realities we imagine for ourselves alongside God.

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