This Parable Reminds Us To Maintain Faith When Seeking Justice

We are powerful people. While our oppression is not the only thing that defines us, oppression is part of our experience as Black people. There are examples of oppressed people throughout the bible who fought their oppressors and won. Here’s one Parable of the Persistent Widow that highlights that.

This Parable Reminds Us To Maintain Faith When Seeking Justice
Via Wikimedia Commons

The widow stared into the eyes of the cruel judge. She’d sought him out for help, seeking justice from someone causing her harm. 

The judge, not fearing God or possessing any respect, smugly denied her.

Day after day, she returned. She would get justice, even if it meant taking matters into her own hands. 

The corrupt judge recognized the widow’s determination as that of a boxer’s – someone who wouldn’t back down from a fight. Eventually, he caved. 

The Parable of the Persistent Widow is one Jesus shared with his disciples. It critiques how oppression is found within unjust systems and by those holding positions of power. 

The widow teaches us that we must have the courage to stand up to oppressive systems, even if it means standing alone. Her actions proved determination and longevity are key components of fighting for liberation. 

She knew only she got to decide what “justice” looked like for her. Most importantly, she believed freedom is worth fighting for. We must show up for the fight. 

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