This Mystical Symbol Is Infused With Powerful Ancestral Energy

"In the depths of history and across continents, a mystical symbol called Nkisi Sarabanda stands as a profound homage to the intricate interplay between the spirit and living realms.

This Mystical Symbol Is Infused With Powerful Ancestral Energy
Via Wikimedia Commons

Nkisi Sarabanda is a Congo-angolan symbol paying homage to the spirit and living realms. The symbol reflects a circle with one large cross in its center.

The circle represents unity and continued cycles. One line of the cross represents the realm of the living, while the other is the spirit world. Where the lines cross symbolizes the thin veil in which they overlap.

Historically the symbol was used to decorate Nkisis. An Nkisi is an object that a Nganga – spiritual leader – infuses with protective sacred energy using very specific rituals and materials.

A Nganga directly convenes with ancestors.

Numerous Nkisis inscribed with the symbol were found within slave dwellings throughout the African Diaspora.

This shows that enslaved Africans had faith that even though they weren’t on their ancestral lands, they knew their ancestors were still guiding them.

Many of us can’t name our ancestors but that doesn’t mean they aren’t with us. They live within us. We see them every time we look in the mirror.

Consider this ritual to connect with your ancestors: Before bed, light a candle in front of a mirror, close your eyes, and think about all the ancestors, known and unknown, it took to get you here. Taking grounding breaths, open your eyes and while looking in the mirror, repeat the words “I love you” for 1 minute. See where your body you feel a connection, and honor it.  

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