This Miracle Resource Saved Her. Hopefully It Can Heal You, Too

As we continue to reimagine Black liberation we must center this sacred resource within our community care plans. Our spirits depend on it.

This Miracle Resource Saved Her. Hopefully It Can Heal You, Too

#1: Water’s Sacred

People around the world see water as sacred. The Bible refers to water as a gracious source of salvation.

Within the Yorùbá Religion Ifá 2 of the 7 most powerful Orisha, Yemayá and Oshun, are water deities.

#2: Water Cleanses

Our bodies are 60-85% water. It’s important we’re regularly hydrating because water cleanses toxins from our bodies.

These toxins are full of negative energy we don’t want to unconsciously bring into our spiritual work.

#3: Water As Rest

Drinking water helps us sleep better. Coincidentally, the more rested we are the more hydrated we’ll be. Those who regularly sleep less than 6 hours are 16-59% more likely to be dehydrated, which impacts how they function throughout their day.

The Nap Ministry reminds us there are many ways to rest. Napping, dancing, breathing, meditating, showering, slowing down, and practicing self-care are all forms of rest. How can we reimagine drinking water as rest?  

#4: Accessing Water

Black communities, like Flint, Michigan, historically haven’t had access to clean water. As we reimagine Black liberation, how can we center our communities accessing clean water?

Let’s look to brilliant inventors like Lamonte Pierce who invented “Cleanstraww,” a reusable straw that serves as a water filtration system.

When we think of our bodies as living altars we begin to reimagine our relationship to water. Drinking water becomes about more than staying hydrated, but becomes another way for us to pour libations for ourselves and our ancestors.

Your spirit needs water to thrive. How much water are you drinking each day?

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