They Were Killed Because Of This Kind Of Faith

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the first staircase, just take the first step.” – MLK. Having faith is different than having “blind faith.” It’s important we know the difference between the two — “blind faith” has been deadly for our people.

They Were Killed Because Of This Kind Of Faith
Via Wikimedia Commons

Having faith is different from “blind faith.” Having faith means trusting a Higher Power to guide us, while acknowledging we have a role to play in shaping our own destinies.

Blind Faith is an “unquestioning belief in something, even when it's unreasonable or wrong.”  While Blind faith is dangerous in general, it can be downright deadly for us.

Colonizers and enslavers practiced blind faith. Corrupt with greed, they brainwashed themselves into thinking enslavement was “God’s work.”

They tried to convince our people of this, too.

But our people had faith! They couldn’t control white supremacist evils, but they knew one day they would be free from it. They questioned a system they knew was wrong and fought to end it.

Today, white supremacy still relies on “blind faith” to spread hate, fake news, and fear. White supremacists are normalizing their agenda by working it into politics, classrooms, capitalism, and religion, just as colonizers and enslavers did.

Now is the time to root deeply in the faith our ancestors instilled in us by nurturing our faith and remembering that questioning the systems that oppress us the GREATEST WAY TO SHOW FAITH. What are some ways you nourish your faith?

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