These Traditional Rites Of Passage Are Still Necessary Today

We might never be able to fully measure just how much enslavement and colonization stole from us. When it comes to spirituality, we’re still rediscovering and relearning traditional methods our ancestors used. Here are a few:

These Traditional Rites Of Passage Are Still Necessary Today
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#1: Birth

Traditionally birthing mothers were surrounded by women. The mother squatted to connect with the soil, paying homage to Earth’s abundant fertility.

Afterward her placenta was buried to restore the mother’s fertility and provide her strength in recovery.

#2: Puberty

Coming-of-age rituals were organized into three phases: isolation, transitioning to adulthood, and reincorporation into society. Boys and girls were removed from their communities and taken to the “bush” to learn skills necessary for adulthood.

#3: Courtship & Marriage

Courtship and marriage were a whole family affair. The groom’s family approached the intended bride’s family to request marriage.

Courtship ranged from couples spending chaperoned time together to the groom’s family showering the bride with gifts to the proposal only being accepted if the couple could conceive a child.

#4: Death & Reincarnation

Many cultures believed one could only transition, or be reincarnated, if they were buried properly. Grieving families wore specific colors and held community calling hours.

Traditional dances were performed, animals were sacrificed, and some family members shaved their heads as a grief ritual.

Is a transition happening for you?

Is a Rites of Passage period needed for you to prepare spiritually?

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