These Four Crystals Can Help Us Reclaim Our Calm

Joy is our birthright. We've always leaned into the sacredness of nature. Our people have used crystals spiritually for centuries, and these four can help restore your peace.

These Four Crystals Can Help Us Reclaim Our Calm
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Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure While anxiety is a mental condition, it undeniably affects our spirits, too. 

These four crystals have properties that can help us cope. If you’re new to crystals, know that our people have been using nkisi, spirit-directing elements like stones, for sacred healing for centuries. 

Moonstone can help you return to a sense of calm. It’s known for being connected to the heart chakra and helps bring mental clarity during stressful times. When anxious, add rose quartz to your spiritual toolkit to open the heart, release emotional baggage, and improve self-love

Anxiety often goes hand-in-hand with depression, and one of the central tenets of depression is hopelessness. When you need help getting through a dark time, reach for Shungite, a grounding stone that helps quiet the mind. 

Move from worrisome thoughts to mindfulness with lepidolite, a soothing stone that encourages peace and helps embrace the now. 

Work crystals into your routine by meditating with them. You can even place them under a pillow or carry them with you to benefit from their healing energy everywhere you journey. 

As we contend with negativity in the outside world, we must tend to our mental and spiritual health, combating any unwanted energy, and incorporating crystals can be beneficial. You deserve a joyous spirit. 

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