These 4 Orisha Are Powerful And Offer Extremely Important Lessons On Healing

One of them is trapped at the bottom of the ocean. Another populated the entire world. One reminds us of our spiritual powers, while the other shows us how to clear pathways. These 4 Orisha are POWERFUL, each offering us a different lesson on spiritual healing.

These 4 Orisha Are Powerful And Offer Extremely Important Lessons On Healing
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#1: Olókun

An androgynous being Olókun rules the sea's cold depths, watching over our dead ancestors who reside there. Olókun is misunderstood as being angry, but they understand that rage informs us about which parts of ourselves need healing before we can move forward.

What’s your rage trying to tell you?

#2: Yemayá

Yemayá rules the waves. Known for her maternal energy, she plays a role in fertility and menstrual cycles, and she is connected to the moon .

Yemayá reminds us that honoring cycles within our lives keep us grounded. What routines keep you grounded?

#3: Oshun

Orisha of all freshwater, Oshun is associated with fertility, love, and sensuality. She’s responsible for populating the world, but only after the male Orisha apologized for doubting her ability to do so.

Oshun teaches us to only build community with those who appreciate you. How does your community support you?

#4: Oya

Oya, Orisha of wind, is both a gentle breeze and destructive hurricane. But sometimes destruction is needed to carve a path forward.

What in your life needs clearing?

Our ancestral teachings and spirit guides are an important part of our spiritual history
Which Orisha would you like to learn more about?

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