There’s No Wrong Way To Connect With God – This Story Proves It

There is no wrong way for you to connect with God. He made you and he knows who you are inside and out. When we allow ourselves to focus on his love for us, we truly become free. This man’s story serves as a powerful reminder.

There’s No Wrong Way To Connect With God – This Story Proves It
Via Wikimedia Commons

Born in Congo, Simon Kimbangu was raised by a mission run by British Baptists. But even when he was a child, Simon’s spirit was troubled by the mission’s anti-Black messaging. 

As he got older, Simon formed his own relationship with God. 

Simon learned his purpose in a dream sent by God: “I, Simon Kimbangu, have been sent by Jesus Christ for the sake of the Black person first.”

Simon tended to the well-being of his community, healing the sick and preaching. Some even swore they’d witnessed him raise the dead.

Thousands flocked to Simon. Lovingly referred to as “Ngunza.” He was their prophet. 

Simon encouraged his followers to abandon the mission churches and establish their own religious organizations that, through God, he’d help guide. 

Simon’s followers left the mission churches. Simon became so influential that the authorities issued a warrant for his arrest. 

He resisted, but was eventually captured and sentenced to death. After Simon’s followers vowed to protest violently if he was killed, his sentence was commuted to life in prison. Even while Simon was incarcerated, his followers remained faithful to him. 

Prophet Simon Kimbangu understood true liberation comes from deserting anti-Blackness and making our own communities rooted in our ways of knowing and understanding God. 

How can we work to unapologetically expel anti-Blackness from our spirits and our futures? 

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