Their Wisdom Teaches Us How To Move Forward When It Seems Impossible

Are you finding yourself at a crossroads? Wishing you could predict the future? Fighting against anti-Black perfectionism? Navigating body dysmorphia? These 4 Orisha each offer us a lesson on how to move forward even when it seems impossible.

Their Wisdom Teaches Us How To Move Forward When It Seems Impossible
Via Wikimedia Commons

#1: Elegua

Elegua is the Orisha of crossroads and destiny. Many believe our prayers must first be heard by Elegua before being shared with other Orishas.

The saying “When one door closes another opens” is likely connected to Elegua. Be mindful of what you manifest. Elegua will quickly open, or close, said doors.

#2: Obatalá

Obatalá created Earth and humans. While making humans Obatalá grew tired and accidentally made some humans with different abilities than others. But instead of shaming them, Obatala offered them care.

No one is “perfect.” How can we make space for all bodies within our communities?

#3: Shango

Shango is the Orisha of thunder, drumming, dancing, and male strength. While Shango appears “manly” he understands that both masculine and feminine energies are needed to maintain harmony. There are even other spiritual energies existing outside of this gender binary.

Which spiritual energies feel affirming for you?

#4: Orula

Orisha of divination and wisdom, Orula possesses deep knowledge of the future. Similar to Black Quantum Futurism, Orula understands time isn’t linear and that past, present, and future exist simultaneously.

Can you hear your future calling you forward? What must you do in the present moment to make this future a reality?

It’s exciting to relearn ancestral teachings and spirit guides.

Which Orisha are you drawn to?

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