The Practical Magic of Energetic Alchemy in Nurturing Resilience and Change

We’re all made up of powerful energy, which is why the concept of “protecting your energy” is so important. But have you ever tried “alchemizing” your energy? The energy you pour into the universe plays a huge role in Black liberation efforts.

The Practical Magic of Energetic Alchemy in Nurturing Resilience and Change
Via Wikimedia Commons

Energetic Alchemy is when we transform our energy that feels negative or heavy into energy that is light, expansive, and abundant. Energetic Alchemy is crucial for manifesting and spiritual protection. 

While the exact origins of alchemy are hard to pinpoint, mythology would have it that Egyptians played a huge role in the practice. Myths surrounding the Emerald Tablet, a green stone inscribed with the “How Tos” of alchemy, point back to the Egyptian God of wisdom, Thoth. 

Legend says Thoth wrote all universal secrets down on 42 different emerald plates, hiding them all over the world to find on his next return to this dimension. 

We’re all naturally born alchemists. The energy we carry throughout the world is uniquely ours. We are energetic souls. 

The energy you pour into yourself, your community, and the world is directly tied to Black liberation. 

Energetic Alchemy is transformational. Part of creating Black, liberated futures depends on our ability to take the negative, hateful energy that anti-Blackness throws at us and transform it into the loving energy that is at the root of our liberation efforts. 

Part of protecting our energy means knowing how to transform it, something we have been historically asked to do again and again. 

As Black people, transformation is our superpower. 

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