The Powerful Ways Breathwork Can Change Our Lives

What if we told you that taking a long, deep breath right now was one of the most powerful things you could do? Here’s how breathwork can be highly beneficial to our spiritual health.

The Powerful Ways Breathwork Can Change Our Lives
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If you’re reading this, there’s still breath in your body, which is a blessing. But breathwork – conscious, controlled breathing done especially for relaxation, meditation, or therapeutic purposes – is a powerful tool.

Breathwork helps calm stress and bring balance to our bodies. Each exhale releases toxins, alkalizing the blood’s PH and elevating our moods.

In an anti-Black world, many things try to snatch our breath. Shallow breathing limits the oxygen entering the bloodstream and sends the body into flight or fight mode.

We’ve got a lot of things to fight against on this liberation journey. Our breath can’t be one of them. Taking the time to slow down and breathe in an intentionally controlled way is potent.

Get started with deep abdominal breathing. This technique uses long, deep breaths to relax the body. 4-7-8 breath adds in counting beats to focus the mind. Breathe in for four counts, hold your breath for seven, and exhale, emptying the lungs after eight.

black girls breathing has a free mental healthcare toolkit and breathwork meditations worth trying.

Breathwork is a simple way to breathe renewed life into our spirits, helping take our power back from whatever tries us. What would your life look like if you could breathe with more ease?

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