The Power Of Choosing Faith Over Fear

No obstacle can defeat us. Our ancestors overcame so much for us, and we can do the same for future generations. If you’re struggling to keep the faith, think of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God and his nightly battle just to rise the next morning.

The Power Of Choosing Faith Over Fear
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Climbing into his solar-powered boat, the Egyptian Sun God Ra dreaded the obstacle ahead. He was the sun, and he sailed his boat across the sky each day, shining light on the world. 

But as day turned to night and his light dimmed, he knew his smooth sailing was far from over.

To rise in the East, Ra crossed through the underworld at night. The underworld was the realm of Apopis, the serpent of chaos. Apopis was determined to devour Ra and keep the world in darkness. 

Ra knew this, but he also knew life depended on his light. So Ra readied himself for battle, strong in the faith he’d rise in the morning. 

Like Ra, we face many obstacles in our fight for liberation. Like Apopis, some of these obstacles are intent on destroying us. 

Here is where we can choose to lean into faith instead of fear, knowing we’re guided by divine love. 

When faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, remember that we’re here because of every obstacle each one of our ancestors overcame. Future generations depend on us doing the same. 

Our faith is our courage. These obstacles are just snakes that we have the power to crush. Just like we have faith the sun will rise tomorrow, we must believe in our ultimate victory. 

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