The Most Sacred Thing We Can Experience Is Being Witnessed In Love

It is said the eyes are the windows of the soul. But what are windows? Many African societies believed windows are sacred, and with good reason.

The Most Sacred Thing We Can Experience Is Being Witnessed In Love
Via Wikimedia Commons

Many African societies recognized windows as sacred portals. The Egyptians believed windows were gateways spirits used to enter the ancestral realm. 

One of the earliest known portrayals of Jesus as a Black person is in the stained glass window of a small church in Rhode Island. The window was installed in 1878, only 15 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. 

Windows are referenced throughout the Bible as sacred. It’s believed the “windows of heaven” are God’s way of watching us and communicating with us from heaven. 

Just as windows allow God to see us, they’re a metaphor for our faith, allowing us to see into the glory that is God’s kingdom

Windows also remind us about being transparent. Spiritual transparency requires us to look inside ourselves and be honest about our alignment with God, our relationships with others, and our willingness to do the spiritual work liberation asks of us.

Windows remind us that God is always witnessing us. They also remind us to witness others with love and compassion, and to allow others to witness us in our totality.

How beautiful is knowing we’re always being witnessed in God’s love and held by each other’s care? 

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