The Key To Deepening Our Unity Lives Within Our Shared Spiritual Heritage

From the way we dress to how we view justice and Black liberation, our powerful presence always finds a way to make itself known. This is true no matter where we are or what we believe, and at the root of it is our shared connection to Africa.

The Key To Deepening Our Unity Lives Within Our Shared Spiritual Heritage
Via Wikimedia Commons

Thousands of ethnic groups exist within Africa with numerous religions practiced throughout the continent. Historically, colonizers discredited traditional African practices like oral tradition, believing that a religion must be documented in a text, like the bible. 

However, for many African spiritualities the “text” was transcribed within people's daily lives. Persevered through rituals, oral tradition, diet, adornment, art, rites of passage, and community building, these religions were lived rather than read. 

While many African religions believed there was one Supreme Being, they also honored additional deities or ancestors. Throughout East Africa ancestor worship and land stewardship were seen as part of their sacred practices. 

In West Africa they honored deities like the Orisha, and believed spiritual energy could be found in nature, inanimate objects, and the supernatural. 

As we think about centering Spirit within Black liberated futures, how can we incorporate traditional practices like working with ancestors, tending to land, or even the concept of “lived religion” within our current faith practice? 

When we lean into how spirituality unites us and apply this knowledge to our faith practices, we become more powerful. 

Let’s dare to become the most potent, spiritual versions of ourselves and walk in holy unity  every day.

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