The Inspiring Healing Power Of Play

Adulthood is tiresome. Many of us have endless responsibilities that can make us feel like we don’t have time to play. This community is doing the exact opposite, and it’s powerfully healing.

The Inspiring Healing Power Of Play
Via Wikimedia Commons

Their bodies rocked back and forth, eyeing the rope as it slapped the ground. “1,2,3. Go!” They launch themselves in the air and begin jumping in perfect unison. There are crisscrossing and one-legged hops, but most importantly, there are healing spirits.

Pamela Robinson was going through a depressing time when she called up her best friend to vent and expressed wanting to double dutch like when they were children.

What began as a therapeutic release for the friends spawned into a movement.

The 40+ Double Dutch Club is a safe space for Black women to gather to jump rope while building relationships and improving their health despite challenges like depression, chemotherapy, and grief.

The club reminds us that joy is healing and necessary for spiritual self-care.

Adulting is hard, and all of us can benefit, mentally, physically, and spiritually, from regular dedicated time to play, a “state of mind that one has when absorbed in an activity that provides enjoyment and a suspension of sense of time.”

How can you engage in movement today? How could it benefit your health at this moment?

Think back to your childhood and consider making a plan to play. Whether double dutch or simply taking a scenic walk, there’s no right or wrong way to care for ourselves.

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