The Fate Of This Historical Fortune-Teller Reminds Us To Embrace Our God-Given Gifts

Francis Weller wrote, “Deep in our bones lies an intuition that we arrive here carrying a bundle of gifts to offer to the community. Over time, these gifts are meant to be seen, developed, and called into the village at times of need.”

The Fate Of This Historical Fortune-Teller Reminds Us To Embrace Our God-Given Gifts
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Society often dictates how we behave, present ourselves, or believe we should be. Caroline Dye, affectionately known as Aunt Caroline, didn’t have such qualms. She embraced everything the spirit gave her, including the sizable fortune that came with it.

Dye recognized her spiritual gifts at ten years old. Her talent continued to grow and changed her life for the better.

When she moved to Tennessee, word had spread across the mid-south about the fortune-telling woman who was always right. Her fame was so prolific W.C. Handy wrote lyrics about her in his 1914 song, “St. Louis Blues.”

She was often seen in understated, humble clothing, which surprised those seeking her services. She didn’t need frills to help those around her. Even the deeply religious, who didn’t believe in psychics, acknowledged her skills.

Aunt Caroline knew from the time she was young that there was more to her than meets the eye, that she had a gift. She respected and embraced the talent that made her unique.

Too often, because of societal expectations and outside opinions, we ignore our intuition and skills. But when the spirit calls, we should embrace it and the gifts it gives.

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