The Essence of Fulfilling Our Life's Purpose

We were born with a purpose. It is our role in this lifetime to find what our specific purpose is and to nurture it to the best of our ability. This is how we find God. Mary Hayden is an amazing example of what happens when we lean into purpose.

The Essence of Fulfilling Our Life's Purpose

Throughout North Carolina, everyone knew Mary Hayden. A local herbalist, everyone went to Hayden to cure their ailments

As a midwife, Hayden traveled far and wide, delivering hundreds of babies throughout her lifetime. She was barely five feet tall, but her brilliance ran from her head to the tips of her toes. But she never bragged. She just stayed the course. 

While it’s unclear if Hayden identified as a spiritualist, many herbalist and midwifery practices are rooted in Afro-Diasporic wisdom and spiritual traditions that were preserved and passed down by our ancestors

Hayden once said to her granddaughter, “Every herb has three kinds — one is a healer, one is just a weed, and the other is a poison. Meaning one is positive, one is neutral, and one is negative.” An important spiritual metaphor is rooted in this lesson. 

Whether or not someone actively participates in religion or spirituality, God assigned everyone a purpose to be fulfilled in this lifetime. 

We can treat our purpose positively, neutrally, or negatively. Whatever energy we give it will decide the outcome.

When we’re struggling to find God, we can lean into what brings us purpose. Having faith in our purpose is having faith in God’s plan. Like Hayden, we must stay the course. 

What brings you purpose?  

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