‘The Crossroads’ Is A Historic, Sacred Site Within Afro-Diasporic Folklore

“The crossroads” is a historic, sacred site within Afro-Diasporic folklore. The crossroads is where the spirit realm crosses with the living world. The central point of a crossroad is one of the most powerful locations to pray, manifest, learn a new skill, or cleanse yourself from negative energy.

‘The Crossroads’ Is A Historic, Sacred Site Within Afro-Diasporic Folklore

Èsù Elegbara is the Yoruba god of the crossroads, responsible for communication between humans, spirits, and the Orishas. Èsù’s natural chaotic energy has deemed him a trickster or even devilish.

In reality Èsù’s role in ruling the crossroads is to put obstacles in your path that bring you to a literal crossroads, be it physical or spiritual. Èsù asks you to choose a path. 

Are you currently stuck at a crossroads in life? Take time to reflect on what would help you move forward.

Find a physical crossroad outside of your living environment. Release your reflection to the crossroad. Once you’re done, give thanks and leave. Don’t look back.

The crossroads are a metaphor for the pathways Spirit is laying in front of us. 

Whether we’re being guided to the crossroads by Spirit or Èsù, they can only reveal so much to us. Ultimately, we have to choose the path of liberation

Spirit granted us with the power of choice. Finding Spirit means choosing pathways that bring us closer to Spirit. Choosing spiritual pathways takes divine courage. Sometimes it’s lonely. 

But eventually your path will cross paths with others who have also chosen Spirit, and together you’ll move towards the path of liberation. 

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