Spirit Believes In Your Divine Purpose. Do You Hear The Call?

God believes in you and created you for a divine purpose. God made you for a reason, and He will provide you with the tools and lessons needed to complete your spiritual mission. All you have to do is keep listening for His call, just like the legend of Gang-Gang Sarah.

Spirit Believes In Your Divine Purpose. Do You Hear The Call?
Via Wikimedia Commons

Gang-Gang Sarah watched her people being forced onto strange ships. As the ships sailed away, Sarah launched herself from the cliffs she’d been watching from. 

And she flew after them.

Sarah flew from West Africa to Tobago. This wasn’t her first time flying, but this was the longest journey she’d ever made. She rested, and ancestors spoke to her in her dreams. 

When she awoke, she understood why she was drawn  to this strange land. She was meant to care for the enslaved Africans she encountered. 

Sarah herself became enslaved, but in her spirit she was free. Working as a midwife and healer, she quickly built a community. She fell in love, married, and witnessed her community experience emancipation

Having completed her mission, Sarah longed for home. She climbed a tall tree and jumped, arms outstretched in preparation for flight. 

But she fell instead. She was killed instantly. Sarah’s powers had left her. Some say it’s because she consumed salt during her time in Tobago

Gang Gang Sarah heeded the call to help when  her community needed her. So even though she lost her supernatural abilities, she proved that our greatest impact is in using our gifts to help each other. 

By responding to Spirit’s call, Gang Gang Sarah affirmed that she was ready to accept her purpose. How will you respond?  Our community needs you.  

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