Sometimes Secrecy Can Be The Most Powerful Spiritual Method

Our people have historically relied on secrecy to combat anti-Blackness. We can’t go telling just anyone our plans. We must be strategic. Good thing we will always have this historical form of communication to fall back on.

Sometimes Secrecy Can Be The Most Powerful Spiritual Method
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When we think of protests we think of walking down streets, holding signs, and chanting loudly. A clear demand to be heard.

But there’s another form of protest that’s silent and secretive. One only God can hear.

Praying is more than just words. A prayer is an intentional manifestation. Many believe imagination is necessary for liberation.

Prayer is where we meet God to reimagine a liberated future.

Some of our most revered historical leaders’ revolutions began with whispered prayers. Prayers don’t have to be loud to be effective.

In her song, “Talkin’ Bout A Revolution” Tracy Chapman sings, “Don't you know they're talking about a revolution? It sounds like a whisper.”

Ever since enslavement, we have operated in the quiet static of the “Underground.” Secrecy was our ancestors' best strategy. They created guerilla armies, intricate maps, disguises, support systems, escape missions, and modes of transportation, all in the name of freedom.

Some relied on a trusted community, but many only had God to whisper their plans to.

Our society’s ruled by social media. Sometimes the level of access we have to information is a blessing, but sometimes viral oversharing can be used against us.

If we’re planning to protest, we must be discerning about who we’re sharing plans with. For this reason, sometimes God’s truly our best confidant.

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