She Breathes Life Into Us, Even When They Try To Erase Us

“Alone a child runs fast, with a mother slow – but together they go far.” Yemoja is considered by many to be the original “mother nature,” and if we tap into her love, we may go farther than we ever thought possible!

She Breathes Life Into Us, Even When They Try To Erase Us
Via Wikimedia Commons 

According to Yoruba mythology, in the beginning of time, Yemoja – also known as Yemayá – was tasked by the Yoruban supreme ruling deity, Olodumare, to assist in His creation of Earth.

Yemoja birthed “universal life”– giving life to the galaxy, nature, humans, and many Orishas within the Yoruba spiritual pantheon. But she did MUCH more than this.

When Yemoja’s water broke, her amniotic fluids spilled over Earth, creating our rivers and seas. Of these, she resided in the Ogun River in Yorubaland – now Nigeria, Togo, and Benin.

Today, however, Yemoja is known as the Orisha of the sea. How’d she go from being a freshwater deity to an ocean goddess?

When her people were enslaved, Yemoja, in true motherly fashion, adapted herself to fit her children’s needs – and became a spiritual guide across the sea. Some believe the sound we hear when we raise a seashell to our ear is Yemoja’s voice, calling us home!

Whitewashed mythology erases Yemoja by not recognizing her as the original “mother nature.” Especially when discussing pregnancy or menstrual cycles, Yemoja is directly connected to these as she controls the moon ruling the tides.

Think of a time when it was necessary for you to adapt – was it empowering? Using Yemoja as inspiration, how can we adapt without losing ourselves in the process?

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