Rest Comes In More Forms Than Sleeping, Here Are A Few

Not getting enough sleep is detrimental to our health. But what about when you get more than enough and are still tired? Here are the seven types of rest we all need.

Rest Comes In More Forms Than Sleeping, Here Are A Few
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Rest is our divine human right-not something that we must earn. For our people, it’s crucial, and the seven types of rest we require goes beyond sleep.

According to Saundra Dalton-Smith MD, physician, researcher, and author, there are seven types of rest. We’re all familiar with physical rest, which includes sleeping, napping, and active physical, restorative rest like yoga, stretching, or body massages.

Mental rest is necessary, too, and can include scheduled short breaks every two hours throughout the workday or jotting down any nagging thoughts to release them before bed.

If you get enough sleep but still wake up restless, you may need to prioritize mental rest.

In such a connected world, it’s easy for our senses to get overwhelmed. Try incorporating intentional daily resting periods from screens, bright lights, and conversation. Simply closing your eyes for a minute during the day can make a difference.

For creative rest, reawaken your wonder by enjoying nature or the arts.

If you’re the “strong friend,” you likely need emotional rest, so surround yourself with supportive and positive energy. The final type of rest is spiritual, which we all can benefit from.

Prayer, meditation, and other therapeutic rituals are crucial to caring for the spirit. Sleep alone can’t restore us. Check-in with yourself. What type of rest do you need most at this moment?

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