Our Heads Are A Powerful Spiritual Site

Our heads are potent spiritual sites. Think about it. Our hair is often referred to as our crown. Our third eye is located in the middle of our forehead. Our head holds our crown chakra. But what if Spirit lives inside our heads, too?

Our Heads Are A Powerful Spiritual Site
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 In traditional Yoruba spirituality, the primary Orisha by which one is governed is referred to as their Ori. 

“Ori” translates to “head.”   A person’s Ori is believed to live inside their head. 

Yoruba spiritualists see the head as having two parts: our conscious physical mind and the unconscious spiritual mind. 

While we govern our conscious physical mind, our Ori lives inside our unconscious spiritual mind alongside what the Yoruba consider to be the energy of our “higher self.” The two work in tandem within our unconscious mind to guide us. 

Obatala is the Orisha responsible for forming the human body and shaping one’s Ori. Each Ori is unique. 

Before a person is even born they form a spiritual bond with their Ori Apere. All victories and hardships in that person’s lifetime are informed by their relationship with their Ori

What are we filling our heads with? Whomever we identify as our primary spirit guide — our Ori, God, or simply “The Universe” — we must nurture our relationship with our guide. 

There is a beautiful reciprocity between ourselves and our Spirit guide. How do you center your spirit guide in your daily life? 

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