Our Ancestors Preserved This Holy Scripture So That We Would Never Forget

Often African Proverbs are sometimes seen as cute sayings. But they’re actually overflowing with ancestral spiritual wisdom. Some proverbs are so similar to biblical scripture that you have to wonder, which came first?

Our Ancestors Preserved This Holy Scripture So That We Would Never Forget
Via Wikimedia Commons

Often we refer to the Bible for holy advice and inspiration. But African proverbs are also holy and full of ancestral wisdom.

For example, there’s a Kenyan proverb that roughly translates to, “A child points out to you the direction and then you find your way.”

That’s very similar to Isaiah 11:6, “A little child shall lead them."

When anti-Blackness forced our enslaved ancestors into Christianity, they adapted, fusing traditional African religions with Christianity and Catholicism.

In doing this, they were able to find empowerment within Christianity while also holding onto what few pieces of home they had left.

What do you define as holy scripture? Why are written biblical words seen as more holy than ancestral sayings passed down over generations?

While biblical scripture is amazing, the Bible is not the only sacred text we have in our spiritual toolkit. In a world intent on disempowering us, our ancestors preserved folklore, proverbs, and our family stories so that we could have narratives to root ourselves in.

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