Lean On These Words For Comfort Of God And The Ancestors Presence

The elephant drank from the river before shedding her wrinkly hide. She transformed into a beautiful woman with glowing dark skin and coily hair that sparkled in the sunlight. She placed her hide on a rock and ran into the water, unaware that he was watching her, ready to steal her skin.

Lean On These Words For Comfort Of God And The Ancestors Presence
Via Wikimedia Commons

The man ran home, hiding the elephant skin in a trunk. Then he looped back, pretending to stumble upon the woman crying over her missing hide.

He promised to help her and they embarked on a journey in search of the hide. Over time they fell in love, married, and the hide was almost forgotten. Almost.

As years went by the woman started feeling unsettled, which developed into feeling permanently itchy. She lathered herself in oils and butters but nothing helped.

She sought out a traditional healer. The healer told her that to be free she needed to feel comfortable in her skin. The woman was puzzled; she loved herself, her husband, and their life they’d created.

On her way home she felt a rumbling behind her. Turning she found herself facing a sacred elephant. Suddenly, she knew.

Spirit guided her home where she found her hide in the old trunk. She stepped back into her skin, taking her true form, and walked away from a life that would have had her shrink herself.

This folklore from Chad teaches us that living freely means being true to ourselves and PROUD of the skin we’re in.

Is anyone keeping you from living your truth? Sometimes we must leave someone who says they love us but is toxic.

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