Is Your Romantic Partner Holding You Back From Blessings In Other Parts Of Your Life?

“In search of my mother’s garden, I found my own.” - Alice Walker. Her Mama said, “Whatever we tend to grows.” Now she understood - to reach divine alignment she needed to identify if her partner was giving her flowers and or trying to keep her “in the weeds.”

Is Your Romantic Partner Holding You Back From Blessings In Other Parts Of Your Life?
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If you’re feeling stuck and lost, it’s always a good idea to take inventory of your life, including your friends, family and loved ones. But what if your romantic partner is holding you back?

“Weeds” represent dead end relationships that don’t serve us. “Flowers” represent new relationships or opportunities we’re missing out on BECAUSE we’re remaining “in the weeds.”

Higher powers can plant blessings into our spiritual path but we’re responsible for “tending to” our path so we can receive the blessings being sent our way.

How do we spot the weeds?

Signs that a relationship - especially a romantic one - might be holding you back are: feeling stuck in your career or future, isolating from community, feeling judged, or experiencing a decline in your mental, physical, financial, or spiritual health.

It’s heartbreaking to realize someone we love may be neglecting us spiritually, but the “big picture” is they may be holding us back from our highest potential. We can choose to address this by communicating our needs to our partner, or by letting them go.

Either way, choosing ourselves is something to celebrate – it means we’re making room for future blessings.

Is there anyone who consistently drains your energy or discourages you from chasing your dreams? It’s time to either set boundaries with them or let them go.

Tend to your path – removing weeds will lead to your spiritual flower garden of abundance.

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