How You Can Use Honey To Manifest Your Dreams

Honey has always been sacred. Honey was stored inside Egyptian pyramids, and used as an offering for Oshun, Orisha of love, sensuality, and fertility. Believed to carry sacred sweetness, here’s a hoodoo honey spell we can use to manifest all of our dreams and desires.

How You Can Use Honey To Manifest Your Dreams
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The honey jar spell is meant for manifesting our dreams and desires. Write the dream you want to manifest on a piece of paper and place it into a jar full of honey

Honey, with its thick, slow drip, works as a binding agent within the honey jar spell. Manifesting long-term dreams takes time. Think of it like a marinating good piece of meat. 

And like a good marinade, a honey jar spell has just a few simple ingredients. 


Honey: Representing sweetness, attraction, and slow but consistent cultivation. 

Items: A crystal, shell, or coin, could be added to the jar.  Anything that has spiritual potency will work

Manifestation: The slip of paper with your manifestation on it. 

Herbs and Spices: Flowers like lavender for peace, rosemary for protection, or pepper flakes for strong intensity.

Once your spell is cast, you could bury it in soil that has been blessed. You could also pour some honey into a cup of tea every night and say your manifestations aloud. 

Another option is charging your honey jar underneath each full moon to increase the spell's potency, and storing it on your altar between moon cycles.

What if we each cast honey jar spells manifesting Black liberation? Our manifestations could be “All Black people will achieve spiritual liberation” or “The global police state will be abolished within our lifetime.” 

Black liberation is the sweetest manifestation imaginable. 

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