How Wearing Black Can Enhance Your Spiritual Strength and Beauty

The power of Blackness lives in our very skin. Our melanin oozes with the power of our divinity and it’s only enhanced when we wear black. Here’s how you step into your own beautiful light by donning black.

How Wearing Black Can Enhance Your Spiritual Strength and Beauty
Via Wikimedia Commons

There is something so alluring about the color black. Throwing on an all-black fit feels powerful.

But it goes beyond swag. Wearing all black is spiritual. 

Black is a powerful color across Africa. For some cultures it’s tied to death and mourning rituals, but it’s also used in rites of passage. 

In South Africa, black is worn for protection, shielding wearers from bad spiritual energy. Nigerian boys wear black during the ceremonies celebrating their entry into puberty. Black represents wisdom, responsibility, and perseverance, qualities admired in men. 

While wearing white deflects energy, wearing black absorbs it. This is the true power of color. 

Ashe” is the energetic life force in all things. When we wear black we can absorb the Ashe around us, manifesting abundant and liberated futures.

This process, also known as alchemy, requires a deep level of respect, ritual, and devotion to Spirit. Wearing all black provides the wearer with stability and calm as they absorb energies.

Food for thought: Does our melanin absorb Ashe? Let’s say it does. How could we then alchemize Ashe into our everyday lives and resistance efforts?

Whether we’re talking about the color or our own Blackness, black has always been and will always be divinely powerful.

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